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The makeover field is the trendiest fashion in the contemporary world. It’s all about showcasing the best version of yourself to the world. If you have keen interest in this field, all you can do is join our Beautician Training Centre. Learn Basic to advanced Beauty Parlor courses near me, at FTV Salon Academy. This certified academy offers various courses like Beautician Course, Cosmetology Course, Nail Art Course, Hair Stylist Course and Makeup Artist Course.

What do Beauticians do?

The beauticians engage in providing services such as,

Career Opportunities

There are plenty of career opportunities for those who acquire a diploma in beauty. They are:

Highlights of FTV Salon Academy

FTV Salon has an exciting range of courses

Seeking Beautician course near me? FTV Salon Academy serves you with the best option. The academy helps in providing the theoretical knowledge and practical experience for individuals who are looking forward to becoming professional beauticians. Similarly, aspiring students can approach FTV Salon Academy, the trusted beauty parlor training institute. Experience the state-of-the-art facilities and get acquainted with expert educators to nourish your skills for achieving success in the beauty industry.

Career Oriented Opportunities

Since 1997, FTV Salon Academy is leading the fashion and beauty industry offering 100+ beauty courses and 500+ upcoming academies across India. FashionTV venture and FTV Salon Academy are leading Salon Academies of India.
FTV Salon Academy provides an international certificate, diploma and degree in 100+ beauty courses such as Beauty Courses, Cosmetology, Hairdressing, Nail Art and Nail Extension, and many other courses are from basic to advanced. FTV Salon academy offers both online and offline courses.

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What beauty courses are offered by FTV Salon Academy?

FTV Salon Academy offers beauty and wellness related international certificates, diplomas, and degree programs in Beauty Courses, Cosmetology Course, Hair Styling, Nail Art, and Advanced Skincare Courses.

What is the fees of the course at FTV Salon Academy?

At FTV Salon Academy, course fees depend on various aspects such as duration of the course, structure and type of course. To acquire details about the fees and duration, either you can contact the number which is on the website, or you can fill out the form. Thereafter, our career counsellor will contact you with the details.

Does FTV Salon Academy provides special classes on weekends?

Yes, FTV Salon Academy provides classes on weekends. With respect to the needs of the people, we have planned various courses and duration respectively. We provide 100% Flexible courses according to your convenience and schedule.

Does FTV Salon Academy Certificates have value at global level?

FTV Salon Academy is famous for providing international certificates that are global education accredited entity which is by The Higher Education Body of France. These certificates have recognition globally. So yes, our certificates have both national and international values.

How can I enroll for the course?

To enroll for the course at FTV Salon Academy, you need to fill the Form which is on the website, or you can Contact or Email Us. Later, our team will contact and guide you through the details and process.

What is the duration of the courses at FTV Salon Academy?

The duration of the courses at FTV Salon Academy depends on the course you choose.

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