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Who are not passionate about their pretty nails with beautiful artwork imprinted on them? Lately, they are gaining quite some popularity, so much so that nail art salons are blooming in many cities, including Hyderabad. Nail art is an exciting and profitable job, as you can explore new techniques and styling methods, unlike other salon services such as hair styling and makeup. The margin of error is larger, you can correct mistakes quickly without spoiling the whole design.

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But to reduce those errors and become a professional nail artist, at first, you need to attend a nail art academy. Then, you may need to learn the basic science behind the techniques and practice them before you can apply them to customers. Now you can just walk into any salon and ask for training, but it is not a very viable option career-wise. With increasing competition and to meet the demands of the industry, you need to upgrade with nail art certification courses which can throw light on fundamentals along with advanced techniques and provide you with endless job opportunities.

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We have looked over hundreds of nail art certificate courses in Hyderabad and FTV Salon Academy offers you with hands-on training, allows you to practice and upskill in a supportive and creative environment along with their courses. Of course, our priority is the quality institute’s education, but we also focus on certification and trained professionals as teachers. Then, we sift through courses that also offer amazing top-quality tools and equipment for their students and maintain a student-friendly environment in which a person can learn and grow.

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FTV Salon Academy offers an international-standard nail art course with certification and international trainers. FTV provides a lot of Global exposure in their courses. They offer both diploma and introductory nail art courses, which makes FTV academy perfect for both beginners as well as veterans. FTV Salon Academy also caters to those with a passion for nail art through their “nail art training near me.” 

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FTV Salon Academy’s training programs are led by experienced and qualified instructors who are experts in their respective fields. The academy may provide state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a professional setting.

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Upon successful completion of the training program, graduates from FTV Salon & Academy are well-prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities in beauty salons, spas, wellness centers, luxury resorts, and other related establishments. The academy’s commitment to excellence and industry-relevant training helps aspiring beauty professionals to thrive in this competitive and dynamic field.

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Attain Nail art perfection with FTV Salon

FTV Salon Academy acknowledges the increasing demand for nail art professionals and offers a “nail art course near me.” The academy’s training programs in nail art provide a solid foundation for individuals aspiring to create an indelible mark in the specialized field.

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To Enroll for the course at FTV Salon Academy, you need to fill the enquiry form which is at the landing page of the website, or you can enroll by Calling Us or Email Us. After filling the form, our professionals will contact you. The details are available on the Website.